About Us

We accept Washington & Idaho Patients

About Apex Sleep Dentistry

Apex Sleep Dentistry is a full-service dental practice, offering quality care for all your dental needs. From a simple checkup and cleaning to a complex smile makeover or full-mouth reconstructive dentistry, we approach every patient with the same level of respect, deference, and dedication.

We strive to offer the best dental care and best dental experience that we can achieve. That’s why we utilize state-of-the-art technologies and continually adopt new techniques. Modern dentistry is constantly improving–we want to improve with it.

Our People

But it’s really the people at our practice that make the biggest difference in our practice. Our providers are singularly dedicated to changing your mind about dentistry. We want you to understand that dentistry is so much more than you think it is–impacting your physical and mental health in ways you’ve never imagined. And it can also be much more comfortable and welcoming than you thought possible.

Our providers are also supported by an outstanding team of dedicated professionals. They work hard to be just as well-trained and knowledgeable as any dental team can be. And they bring a personal touch to our practice. From the moment you enter through all of your follow-ups, we want to make sure you are truly cared for and feel absolutely welcome.

Contact Our Team

If you have any other questions about our practice, our team is standing by to help! Of course, the best way to learn more is always in person. Contact Apex Sleep Dentistry to schedule your appointment today!

Our Approach

Apex Sleep Dentistry’s team of dedicated professionals committed to delivering the best quality health care for our patients. We feel it is important to educate you about all your treatment options so you can benefit from a complete understanding of your dental health. We provide a circle of care that embraces whole health, education, innovation, and preventative care as part of your overall health and wellness.

We Believe All Patients Deserve:

  • To be given a full dental assessment & treatment plan, both when new to the practice, and periodically thereafter, so that each patient may accomplish the level of dental health and aesthetics that they want to achieve.
  • To be treated with the respect and dignity in a guilt free environment, especially related to any dental health issues the patient is now experiencing.
  • To have all treatment completed in a comfortable manner; to have options for sedation or General Anesthesia.
  • To be seen on time and to never be required to wait.
  • To have all treatment completed on time in the least amount of appointments possible.
  • To have access to the best materials, laboratories, technology, and techniques available in dentistry today.
  • For patients with dental insurance, all treatment to be driven and guided for the benefit of the patient and not for the benefit of the insurance company and for the dental office to file all paperwork and explain all dental benefits to the patient.
  • To receive a guarantee, both in terms of results and in terms of time guarantees.
  • For the dental office to be available for fast and expedient emergency treatment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Our practice is probably not like any dental practice you’ve ever visited. Our focus is strictly on providing the best experience possible for each and every patient.
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