Preventive Dentistry/Cleanings

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Is Professional Dental Care Necessary?

Being proactive about your dental care is one of the best ways you can prevent many oral conditions from developing. While we have expertise in a variety of cosmetic and restorative treatments, we strive to focus on preventive dentistry whenever possible, and encourage our patients to maintain good at-home care as well as visit us at our office twice a year.

Though it is true that daily brushing and flossing are critical to keeping teeth healthy, they are not enough on their own. Removing tartar and plaque is almost impossible without specialized tools, and there are certain parts of the teeth that are impossible to fully clean through brushing and flossing alone. Professional, in-office dental cleanings are a vital part of your oral hygiene regimen and a critical element to giving your teeth the “deep clean” they need, helping to prevent dental decay, gum disease, and to keep your mouth healthy.

Our Dental Cleaning Process

Our dental cleanings are simple, routine procedures that we can complete in one brief visit, but that does not mean they are a visit you should skip. As part of our preventive dentistry services, professional dental cleanings remove plaque, tartar, and stains from your teeth to prevent decay and reduce the risk for cavities. During your teeth cleaning appointment, we perform an examination of your teeth and oral health, looking for any areas of decay, gum disease, or any other issues that might be developing in the mouth. If necessary, we will take diagnostic information like pictures or x-rays. After the evaluation, we perform a thorough cleaning of your teeth and mouth, using specialized tools to precisely clean your teeth, cleaning areas you cannot reach at home and removing hardened calculus (tartar) and plaque. After removing the bacteria, we use a special brush to polish your teeth to remove staining and make them shine!

Contact Our Team

If you have any other questions about our practice, our team is standing by to help! Of course, the best way to learn more is always in person. Contact Apex Sleep Dentistry to schedule your appointment today!

Avoid Serious, Costly Oral Conditions with Preventive Care

Preventive dentistry puts the greatest emphasis on the importance of maintaining great at-home oral hygiene and professional dental cleanings. Since many oral conditions develop painlessly, it can be difficult for patients to notice their progression without professional intervention. Similarly, because oral and overall health are linked, poor oral hygiene or the presence of decay and disease can lead to systemic health complications.

Understanding the importance of preventive dentistry and oral care can save you the costly restorative treatments associated with serious oral conditions such as gum disease. The benefits of preventive dentistry and good oral health include:

  • A brighter, healthier smile
  • Reduced risk for cavities and decay
  • Less enamel loss and sensitivity
  • Early diagnosis of disease
  • Better overall health

Maximize Your Oral Health with Regular Teeth Cleanings

Remember, your teeth are not self-cleaning. You may have plenty of saliva in your mouth and drink lots of water every day, but that is not enough to keep your mouth clean. Rely on the gentle and compassionate dental team at Apex Sleep Dentistry to keep your teeth and gums healthy for a lifetime with professional dental cleanings.
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